Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Skilled Health and Culinary Professionals

JAX Cooking Studio classes are developed by professionals who are skilled at making education and cooking fun and memorable. Our team will provide you with practical tips and tons of support on your path to confidence in the kitchen.

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A Hands-On Experience

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to cook! JAX Cooking Studio understands that the best way to learn something is by actively participating in the process. Our team shares encouragement and hearty laughs as you develop cooking skills to use in your own kitchen. 

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Our Instructors

Our professional chefs and educators are our pride and joy. Sign up for a class to meet them today!

Terri Davlantes

Terri combined her background as a nurse, lawyer, and higher education administrator with her love of cooking when she envisioned and opened JAX Cooking Studio. She grew up in a large Jacksonville family where the kitchen was the hub of the house. Someone could always be found there cooking, eating, or sharing the details of their day. Classes at the cooking studio replicate these family gatherings as people share laughs, learn culinary tips, and enjoy togetherness while preparing their feast. As our tagline says, come “Gather. Cook. Enjoy.” at JAX Cooking Studio!

Jamily Fuller

Jamily moved to the US from Venezuela when she was 5 years old and hails from a large Venezuelan and Arabic heritage. Her family often gathered around home-cooked meals, so carrying on the traditions always intrigued her. After graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts & Hospitality, she took some time off to raise her family. During this time her passion for cooking and learning new techniques in the kitchen grew. She now owns a micro bakery and loves to teach others about endless possibilities in the kitchen, both savory and sweet!

Melissa Nolan

Chef Melissa is a proud Jacksonville native who attended Florida State University earning a business hospitality degree and a minor in anthropology. She then went to Johnson and Wales University to fulfill her dream of becoming a chef. Melissa’s impressive culinary experience includes interning at  Thomas Keller’s famed Per Se Restaurant in NYC, and working at many of Northeast Florida’s finest restaurants. Her favorite things include coffee, bourbon, and dogs!

Kimber Young

Kimber is a proud West Virginian who has fallen in love with the beach life in Jacksonville. She is a knowledgeable and versatile chef thanks to her time as a Pampered Chef and working in various parts of the industry. She is skilled in Asian cuisine but enjoys teaching just about anything! Chef Kimber loves her dog, long walks on the beach, and a cold drink in her hand. Come say hello to this moutain mama!

 Angela DeLusa

Angela has traveled down south after beginning her career in Massachusetts. She spent years working in pastry kitchens producing desserts for large groups of people. Angela loves teaching the small classes at JAX Cooking Studio where her fun loving personality shines through. Her family, husband, and pets are her biggest supporters. Make sure to experience one of Angela’s classes soon!

Kyra Smith

Kyra was born and raised in Jacksonville and is one of the studio’s longest tenured employees. Although a young chefs, she loves learning about everything culinary. Her soft-spoken demeanor is appealing to kids and adults alike. Ask Kyra any question and you’ll be amazed at her knowlege of both savory and sweet cooking! She helps prepare ingredient trays, trains new support staff, and develops menus and recipes. In her free time she winds down by knitting and watching scary movies!

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