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Our Team

Our Team

Skilled Health and Culinary Professionals

JAX Cooking Studio classes are developed by professionals with backgrounds in health and culinary nutrition who are skilled at making education and cooking fun and memorable. Our team—which includes chefs, dietitians, nurses, and educators—will provide you with practical tips, the latest nutrition research, and tons of support on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

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A Hands-On Experience

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to cook! JAX Cooking Studio understands that the best way to learn something is by actively participating in the process. Our team shares encouragement and hearty laughs with you as you develop cooking skills and learn the latest in culinary nutrition. 
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Our Instructors

Our professional dietitians, chefs, nurses, and educators are our pride and joy. Sign up for a class to meet them today!
Terri Davlantes

Terri utilizes her background in nursing and academia to design classes that inspire, entertain, and educate guests. She particularly enjoys sharing tips to organize and declutter the kitchen to erase frustration and maximize enjoyment! Terri believes there is no place like the kitchen to cultivate community and share conversation.

Takecia Green

Takecia grew up fascinated by the different flavors and techniques used by her adventurous father in the kitchen. After serving in the Navy, she pursued this fascination by attending culinary school. Upon being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Takecia became a registered nurse and now has a mission to change the world one healthy plate at a time!

Karen Alexander

Karen Alexander holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition, and Certifications in Oncology Nutrition and Enteral Nutrition. She is the Oncology Wellness Specialist at Ackerman Cancer Center. Karen enjoys speaking at conferences and workshops, running a nutrition and wellness blog for her patients, and writing articles for Edible Northeast Florida Magazine in which she shares recipes and information about wellness and nutrition.

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