JAX Cooking Studio

Enriching Lives Through Food

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JAX Cooking Studio

Enriching Lives Through Food
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Our Story

Food should enrich your life.

Let’s get cooking, Jacksonville!

JAX Cooking Studio is here to teach you to plan and cook hearty, delicious meals that are easy to prepare and won’t break your budget. Feeling tired all the time or having trouble focusing? Your energy levels and mental state have a lot of do with the foods you put in your body! Learn to choose and cook foods packed with nutrients to keep your body running at its best.

Make your physical and mental health a priority! Sign up for a class today and start eating well, feeling good, and living the best version of yourself.


Kids & Teens
Summer Camps

JAX Cooking Studio summer camps are sure to be a highlight of your child’s summer! The week culminates in an exciting food challenge where teams compete against each other using the skills they have acquired.


Fundamentals of Cooking

Whether you are a novice or have been cooking for years and want a refresher, our two Fundamentals of Cooking series have something to offer to everyone.



Breast Cancer Series

JAX Cooking Studio’s Breast Cancer series discusses the dietary risk factors, how to maintain nutrition during treatment, and how to eat to prevent cancer and reduce the risk of recurrence.


What We Offer

Fresh Menus

In our classes, you'll learn how to transform fresh, raw ingredients into tasty, good-for-you meals.

Innovative Instructors

Our chefs and dieticians are the best in the business and are skilled at making education and cooking fun.

Measurable Results

We are confident that you will feel better both mentally and physically once you see how easy it is to cook for a healthier lifestyle.

Step-by-Step Recipes

Our recipes are foolproof: easy to follow in class, easy to replicate for busy families at home.

Global Flavors

Learn to taste and appreciate food cultures from around the world. Dare to step outside your culinary comfort zone!

Happy Wallets

We are concious of your budget and have carefully formulated recipes for delicious, low-cost meals.


What People Are Saying


"A patient's ability to create and eat delicious, healthy food has dramatic effects on their health. I am thrilled to see JAX Cooking Studio teach people the skills to do this!"

Kathy D. Sella, MD

“A Much-Needed Enterprise”

"JAX Cooking Studio classes fill a missing void in Jacksonville by combining nutrition and culinary lessons. This is needed more today than ever before."

Heather Hausenblas, Ph.D.
Professor of Kinesiology

“Fabulous Family Education”

"As a mother of two young boys, I am glad JAX Cooking Studio is available to teach them to cook. This is an important skill that will benefit them throughout their lives."

Jennifer Galan,
Mother and Educator

"In Love With My New Lifestyle!"

"I didn't know how to regain control of my health after diabetes. JAX Cooking Studio has been so supportive! I can now say that I have healthy relationship with food."

Chris Greene,

Hours of Operation

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Expected opening Summer 2018

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Coming soon!

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