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Virtual Cooking Classes

Fun in Your Home Kitchen!

Cook with Our Chefs from Your Home!

JAX Cooking Studio now offers virtual cooking classes for children and adults to have some creative fun in their home kitchens.

Follow along with our chefs as you practice culinary skills and learn new cooking techniques! Pause the video, repeat a step, or rewatch the entire video to ensure you captured each culinary tip. You’re in the driver’s seat!

Ingredient kits are available from JAX Cooking Studio. These kits provide you with everything needed to make the recipes at home. Order below and pick up in the cooking studio. Easy peasy!

Virtual Classes and Ingredient Kits

Chef Nancy shares professional pastry chef tips on baking home-made cupcakes. She also demonstrates how to use a star decorating tip and a plain decorating tip to ice the cupcakes. The results are cupcakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious!

Vanilla Cupcake Kit

GF Vanilla Cupcake Kit

Learn professional tips to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch look and taste bakery-bought. Pastry Chef Nancy will lead you through step-by-step in making these irresistibly delicious cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit

GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit

Chef Nancy shows you how to make pizza dough in this lesson, and then she shares tips on turning that dough into a pepperoni and cheese pizza, flatbread, garlic parmesan knots, and zeppole (Italian doughnuts).

Versatile Pizza Dough Kit

GF Versatile Pizza Dough Kit

Shrimp Masala and Naan Bread

Chef Melissa demonstrates how to make the delicious and fragrant Indian dish, Shrimp Masala. She also share tips on making your own Naan bread. These recipes are easy to follow but yield impressive results!

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